HumiliationPOV - Your Fucked Up Pay Piggy Brain Can Never Be Fixed

Added: 07-03-2020

I’m sure you’ve thought so many times about why you’re like this, why you can’t take your hand off of your cock. Why you can’t stop spreading your wallet open so willingly. You try so hard to resist, you try so hard to live a normal life. But the truth is you don’t deserve a normal life, this is what you were born for. Some of us were born to be beautiful and take from stupid, weak minded men. And some of us were born to be the weak minded men that send. You have no chance of resisting, all you can do is just give in, and send everything. All of it. It doesn’t belong to you. You don’t deserve a savings account, you don’t deserve anything.
But there is one perk for you, you get to stroke when you send. Otherwise you wouldn’t deserve to stroke to a woman like me, would you? You know you need to earn it. All you can do is stroke and send over and over again. This is your life on repeat. Beautiful women control your finances, you budget your life so strictly, just so you can pay. Because you know you have to. Nothing else makes you feel this good. But you need to do better, the more you pay the better it feels, so you’re fucked, locked in this cycle.
You slave your life away, jerking your life away, just so that I can have it all. This is your purpose. And you need purpose so badly don’t you? You need to pay me right now, don’t you? Because you’re jerking it and you know you have to send in order to jerk. You know it, you feel it. It courses through your veins and makes your heart beat faster. You have to earn your jerking privileges and the only way you can do that is with your cash.
Do you want to jerk to my perfect body? Do you want to contribute to my life? The only thing you can do is pay. So why don’t you just jerk to that. You understand exactly what you are to me, but that doesn’t stop you, does it? This is your whole reason for existing, forking over all of your cash. You send it over so eagerly as you just waste your life away jerking to women who will never fuck you, who will never even acknowledge you.
You’re starting to understand how things work. There is no why. You were just meant to pay. You feel it, you know it, there is nothing else. There is no other rush like this, is there? No. And that’s why you’re so fucked. And you know you haven’t paid enough, have you? No, you feel it, you need to pay more. You’re so unworthy. You’re so lucky that I even let you pay me, so lucky to be able to jerk to me on your screen. So lucky to be able to pay and jerk. Say it, say, ‘I’m so lucky you let me pay you.’ Drool for it. Ache for it. Throb for it. You understand why you exist, there is nothing out there for you other than this. You’re just a fucking wallet for beautiful women to use and toy with. I just do absolutely nothing, I just exist, and you pay. I do what I want all day and my bank account just fills up from idiots just like you. You little freaks just know to pay me. If you didn’t, you’d be utterly useless. And you’re so desperate to be a part of my life, that you can’t fucking stop, can you?

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