Electra Morgan - Your SEX Life

Added: 24-03-2020

Yup, right here, just what you see is exactly what your sex life consists of. Jerking off to your hopeless life really drives you wild. You sit indoors night after night slobbery and drooling over my clips. Rushing home, dropping those pants and beating that lowly dick each time. The real world doesn’t interest you any longer, trying your hardest to get a girlfriend is now a thing of the past but what you do want, what you think of is this. Stroking to humiliation and teased to your hearts content is the only thing that now gets you hard. You have become so obsessed with me, you really think I might know who you are. You probably feel some kind of weird connection, like the this is real life and normality.
Well it’s not, I’m on your computer screen whilst your jacking off in your single bedroom at your parents no doubt. I’m only here for one reason and that’s to fuck with you and deepen your addiction further. Exploiting you is way more fun than knowing anything about you. I don’t care what your name is, I don’t even care what your likes are. All I care about is confusing your weak brain further, encouraging your weird fantasies and pushing your humiliating ways. You will never experience what a real sex life consists of and I bet you don’t even want to now. This is what you gets you off and you only crave more.

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