Miss London Lix - I Dont Believe Youre Addicted

Added: 28-03-2020

You come to me because I'm one of the most mentally sadistic, mindfucking, psychologically ruthless dommes around. I love to rub your femdom addiction in your face as you cry about it! But the reason I can do this, is because I don't believe you're addicted! That's right...femdom addiction isn't real, folks! Now, I know this is a bold claim. I've built an empire off of the notion that it is, but I never told you I believed in what I've been selling. Let's think about're really telling me, that because I said a few words to you through a computer screen as you touched your penis, that you now have a mental affliction which means you uncontrollably spend on me? That you just HAVE to spend hours edging each week? Uh huh...sounds legit! It's really pathetic to have this problem...I understand why you'd lie about it being an addiction. Or maybe I do know that it's real, and this is just my cruelest clip ever...guess you'll find out.

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