HumiliationPOV - You’re Lucky I Even Film My Yoga Ass For You To Jerk To, Aren’t You?

Added: 11-04-2020

Oh I know all about your sick little obsession with my yoga pants. I know how much you adore them. You probably want to sniff them when I’m done my workout. Such a little dirty addict for my yoga pants. I mean my ass looks amazing in these pants. They just do it for you. You’d love to be on your knees kissing my perfect ass in these yoga pants as you take in my perfect scent.
Look at you, you can’t stop beating your cock to my perfect ass in these pants. You’re obsessing over my ass. I know you are. You want to worship my perfect, juicy ass. You can barely contain yourself. You need my ass. Jerk it idiot. Jerk it to my ass. Jerk it to the ass that is so far above you. You’re just a stupid little addict that I can manipulate with just my ass. And not even my bare ass, my fully covered ass has so much power over you. You’re just a little freak for my yoga pants.
But you’ll never get what you can’t stop thinking about. No, of course not. Why would I let a loser like you that close to me? I wouldn’t. I’d never let an unworthy freak near my perfect yoga ass while he jerks his pathetic little dick. You should be grateful that I even give you this. You should be so happy that I film it for you to jerk to. You should be so thankful because I could take this all away and then you’d have nothing. You’d have nothing if you didn’t have this.
I have the power here, you have nothing, you just have your hand and your dick and your nasty imagination. Without me, without this clip, without my ass, you truly would have nothing. So you better me appreciative of what I do for you. Good boy. Now keep jerking to my yoga pants ass. I don’t ever want you to stop obsessing over it. I want to keep you at home, all alone, jerking to my ass, night after night.
Stroke loser and fall weaker and weaker for my ass. You can’t get enough. You are addicted to my yoga pants, totally addicted to my ass. My yoga pants just push you over the edge. There’s just no escape from this addiction because yoga pants are just everywhere, aren’t they? I know you perv on them in public and go home and jerk to them. There really is no escape from this. My ass holds your mind hostage. Jerk faster for my perfect ass. Nothing feels as good as this does. Are you gonna be a good boy and cum for my yoga pants? Of course you are, what an opportunity. Cum to my yoga pants, your true addiction, your inescapable obsession. Good boy.

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