Cruel Girlfriend - Snitches Get Riches

Added: 14-04-2020

I’m gonna tell on you pantyboi – I’m gonna OUT your panty-wearing addiction. I’m gonna tell everyone about how you buy girly panties, how you secretly wear them, how you watch humiliation-porn in them and how you leak your sissy-slime into them! Y’know why I’m gonna tell sissy? Because I’m a snitch! I’m a snitch because it makes me rich! Snitches get riches – that’s the rule sissy! Snitches use their evidence to extort money from sissies like you into paying up just to keep your humiliating secrets quiet. I really will get rich too sissy – because you’ll do anything to keep my pretty mouth shut won’t you? You know how humiliating it would be to be found out – for everyone to see the pictures of you POSING in all your girly frills don’t you sissy? You know how the brats you work with will giggle and snigger as you pass them in the office, what the girls you drool over every day will think of you once they know you wear pink panties under your clothes. Your friends, your family, your social media contacts – they’ll all know you’re a sissy if I snitch on you. And that’s exactly what I’ll do if you don’t pay me, sissy! I WILL out you – I’ll snitch on you sissy. The only way to keep me quiet is if you make me rich. You’ll give me spending money, you’ll buy me cute things to wear, you’ll pay my bills and fund my dates with guys who don’t wear girl’s panties. You’ll keep me rich, whatever it takes, because if you don’t – I’ll snitch on you. I’ll ruin your life and totally humiliate you. Keep your snitch RICH or face the consequences of being a sissy panty-wearing pansy!

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