HumiliationPOV - Getting Fucked Over By Your Ex Girlfriends Ass On Cam

Added: 23-04-2020

I know that you’ve been missing me ever since I dumped you. You are such a loser, I don’t know what I was doing with you. You were so lucky to have dated me. I know you can’t stop thinking about me. But I know the thing you can’t stop thinking about the most is my ass. You always loved my ass so much. And who could blame you, it’s fucking perfect. I know. Just look at it. You loved it so much and now you don’t get to have it any more. Too bad for you that I finally realized what a loser you are. Losers like you don’t deserve an ass like this.
I know you still obsess over my ass and you still want to see it, so I might show it to you on webcam, if you’re willing to pay. Only losers with money are allowed to worship my ass. Only losers who are willing to spend on it. And we both know it deserves it. Aren’t you so lucky that I’m willing to do this for you? I mean it’s really nice of me to take your cash just to show you the ass you love so much. I mean I don’t have to do this for you. But this is the only way you’ll ever see my ass again. And I know how badly you need my perfect ass.
So open up that wallet and pay me and I’ll tease you with my ass on cam. You know you need to pay for such a privilege. There’s really nothing better than paying my ass and stroking to it for a sad, lonely loser like you. You’re going to spend all of your money on ass because I know how weak you are for it. You can’t say no to my ass, can you loser? And these little ass worshiping cam sessions are going to add up. I want all of your fucking cash. I deserve it. You don’t deserve anything. You might as well spend it on my ass because you have nothing else to spend it on.
Look at it loser. You wanna spread your wallet for my bratty ass, don’t you? You’re going to spend your days and nights paying and jerking and worshiping my ass. You won’t even go out and try and find a new girlfriend because you’re so infatuated with my ass. It’s so easy fucking with you. You really are an idiot. You’re never gonna have me again but you’re going to keep spending and spending on this ass. It must be so humiliating being fucked over my your ex girlfriend on cam, LOL!
Just spend and stroke your pathetic cock to my ass loser. My ass has you trapped behind your computer screen with your horny, lonely dick. You should be so grateful that I let you pay to see my ass. By the time I’m done, my ass is going to be engrained in your loser brain. Stroke your pathetic dick and spend all your cash on me loser. I’m so perfect and bratty, you know you can’t say no to me. You need to pay to worship my ass. You can’t stop, can you?
Your wallet is the only thing that gives you purpose. I’m going to milk you dry because you can’t resist your ex girlfriend’s ass. You’re such a weak little loser, so willing to spend all of your money on my ass. You’re going to be broke by the time I’m done with you. My ass is going to take it all. You’re going to want more and more and more. Keep stroking and spending it all on your ex girlfriend’s ass. You’re going to be rinsed fucking dry. You’re so desperate, you want to give it all up to me. Look at what’s become of you, you’re jerking off to your ex girlfriend’s ass while she fucking bankrupts you, LOL! Drain your account for me loser. I deserve it. My ass deserves it.

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