Nika Venom – Class Is In Session

Added: 28-04-2020

I’ve been meaning to have a little talk with you; I’ve been feeling like something is missing lately. Things between us have been lackluster and leaving me feeling unfulfilled. Your weekly tributes haven’t been exciting me like they use to, the look of despair in your eye has left. It’s almost as if you’re getting used to my challenges. I’ve been trying to think of new tasks to give you; something to dim that sparkle in your eye, something to suck the dignity out of you like the good old days. Lucky for you, I think I’ve found just the thing, a task so humiliating, it will make you question every decision that has led up to this moment. You’re going to whore yourself out for me, little one. Suck and fuck to make your princess happy, to be able to buy more gifts, bigger tributes. Don’t be scared, I’ll even teach you how to do it. First lesson, learning how to suck cock properly. Class is in session. GET MY ATTENTION ⇊⇊⇊⇊ MARK UP CODE: GoodBoy for 100% mark up

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