LisaJordan - PVC pleasures

Added: 04-05-2020

Categories : Chastity, sensual domination, shiny fetish, PVC/Latex fetish, dirty talk, moaning fetish Outfit/makeup : the pink dress you wear in « Palm pleaser », your pink PVC boots and shiny pink (fuschia if possible) lipstick and gloss. I would still be bound and locked in chastity. And you would like to have fun tormenting me, watching my growing cock more and more pressed against the metal chastity cage bars and making me helpless and hornier than ever. In the first part (about 4 minutes), you tease and torment me with your body and legs in boots : full view of your body and legs/boots (standing, moving, crouching while facing me and opening your knees/legs, bending over teasing me with your booty). You are quite pleased to see that, as usual, I can absolutely not resist you. Particularly in that super sexy outfit and boots. You have fun with me sensually asking if I would like to stroke my cock,… In the second part (around 6 minutes), you torment me even more with your dirty talk and gorgeous body encased in that shiny outfit . You come closer. You look at me and smile. Your sexy tease got me horny and my cock is under torment in its cage. Then you tease me your shiny belly/bust/tits and you whisper your dirty talk in my ears and also make me fantasize about how it would feel to touch your body and the sensual feeling of the PVC on your body. Then you tease me with your amazing ass. Finally, you decide to stroke my cock through the cage, while continuously talking about the feeling of your fingers on my balls and on my cock through the cage. At the end of that part, I am so helpless and so so horny. You are pleased but you are not done with me. You want to mind fuck me and make me go crazy. Maybe I will get a reward one of these days. But only when Princess Lisa decides it ! Then in the last part (about 5 minutes), you absolutely mind fuck me by the feeling of your body on me, your sexy moves and your dirty talk and moans. You sit on my caged cock and looking at me in the eyes (I see your all face and PVC encased tits and belly until the end), you keep on teasing me with your dirty talk. Then you sensually grind on my cage, moaning more and more until the end. I am completely mind fucked. I am so shocked that I am trembling. You are so pleased of how much you tormented me. You smile at me and sensually tell me you are probably no done with me. But you will think of it and you leave me, letting me bound, caged and helpless.

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