HumiliationPOV - Miss Honey Barefeet - Home Wrecking Feet, Beg Them To Ruin Your Marriage Sucker

Added: 12-05-2020

I see you’re back again, on your knees in front of me. Some men enjoy being homewrecked and ruining their marriage just for the sensation of some new pussy. But not you loser, you are totally into my feet, aren’t you pervert? Nothing else turns you on more than my soles, or my toes, everything about my feet just drives you crazy. You’re so desperate for my feet that you’re ready to divorce your wife, just to have the privilege of worshiping at my feet.
As you stare at me in the pose, teasing you with my feet through my pantyhose, your dick is just twitching with excitement. My feet make you weak. There is no escape from my feet, we both know that. You’ve been so addicted and fucked up for my feet ever since you first saw them. My feet are homewrecker feet and you just can’t get enough of them. You love the idea of them destroying your marriage. You must feel so stupid that you want to divorce your wife just so you can be near my feet.
I know how much power I have over you with just my soles. You are totally mesmerized as you stare at my toes. You’re such a junkie for my feet. You can’t stop jerking your cock to them. Where is your wife right now? Is she in the next room or sleeping? While you’re here with your cock out, listening to me and staring at soles, just waiting for me to remove my stockings so you can worship my bare feet.
Your wife can’t give you what the soles of my feet can. That’s why you come to me. You come to me and you beg to be ruined by my feet. You just can’t help yourself. You’re such a sucker for my toes. You want to be homewrecked by them. You want to devote your life to my toes. You’re so stupid and so addicted, you just can’t get enough of them, even if it costs you your marriage. My perfect feet own you. You’re a weak horny pervert for my feet.
We both know you belong at my feet. It’s a pity your wife doesn’t know how much of a pervert you are. How badly you desire my feet. How weak you feel in front of them. Just look at you, being homewrecked by my feet. You’re begging for them to ruin your life. Normal men have affairs to ruin their marriages, but not you pervert, you’re turned on by the idea of cheating on your wife with my feet. You just get so turned on that you can’t stop pumping your cock to my feet.
Each time you find an excuse not to have sex with your wife you come to me and beg to worship my feet. Only my feet turn you on. You’re so turned on by the idea of being mindfucked and homewrecked by my feet. This feeling consumes you. It will never go away. You’re going to end your marriage for my feet. Now that I’ve planted this seed it will consume you. We both know you’d rather fuck the soles of my feet than your wife’s pussy. You’re so pathetic. My feet have so much power over your mind and your cock that you keep coming back and begging for more.
– Miss Honey Barefeet –

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