HumiliationPOV - Customer Service Operator Laughs At Your Username, ‘littleweenie’

Added: 14-05-2020

Imagine you’re a member of HumiliationPOV and you lose your password. You have to call customer service to retrieve your password. And in order to give it to you, the operator needs your username, which is ‘littleweenie. You are so embarrassed but you need your password so you can get back into the site and jerk your little dick. When you call, the operator can’t help but giggle as you reveal the site and your username. You get so turned on at her laughing at you that you start jerking off to the operator laughing at you. She realizes what you are doing and becomes disgusted. She then humiliates you and hangs up on you. Goddess Sahrye carries this out to perfection!
Good afternoon and thank you for calling credit card services, my name is Sahrye, how may I assist you? So I understand that you can’t remember your password and you cannot access your account. I can certainly help you with that. First I need the name of the website. Ok now I’m going to need your username, and please be advised that this is on a recorded line but any information you give me will not used or distributed to any other third party. I just want you to know that this is a safe and secure line. Now I need your username.
No need to be embarrassed, this happens to a lot of people. So your username is a little unusual, I understand. But I do need it in order to get your password. Ummm could you repeat that? Now would the be ‘little’ as in l i t t l e? Could you spell it for me? LOL! No sir, I’m sorry I’m not laughing at you. ‘L i t t l e W e e n i e’. Ok now I’m going to spell it back to you, lol. (Giggles) Oh no, sorry, really I’m not laughing at you. (Can’t stop laughing.) Would you please hold. (Bursts out laughing to herself.)
Ok I’m back. So when was the last time you logged into HumiliationPOV? Oh last night? So you login to that website and your username is ‘littleweenie’? LOL! Ok well I’m trying to locate your password, lol. Oh you’re embarrassed by your username? Well you know a lot of people use usernames they can remember because of associations. So does that mean that you have a little weenie? LOL! I don’t want to be offensive, I’m just trying to understand to pass the time while I locate your password.
I’m really sorry for laughing lol! Are you ok because it sounds like you’re breathing really heavy? Oh so you’re just running from room to room? So do you go on this site because you’re into people making fun of your little weenie? You must not have a girlfriend, do you? Sir you’re making really strange noises. You know you could have picked so many other names I’m just wondering why someone would want the username ‘littleweenie’? It really must be because you have one. You must have a teeny tiny little weenie LOL!
Sir, Sir, are you….? Sir I think that what you’re doing is highly inappropriate! What do I think you’re doing?? I think that you’re wanking your disgusting tiny little penis. Yes your little weenie. You’re absolutely disgusting and that’s not what I’m here for! I hope you never find your password and that you can never masturbate to anything, you disgusting fucking pervert! How dare you! (Hangs up the phone.)

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