HumiliationPOV - Miss Honey Barefeet - Brutal Small Penis Reality Check, SPH Has Really Fucked You Up

Added: 29-05-2020

Hi stupid, let’s talk about who you really are. It started from birth, you were born inferior with a little tiny dick, which is of no use to anyone. And as a result, no one wants to have sex with you. No one has ever enjoyed your little dick. Even you hate yourself for having such a worthless little dick. There is no woman alive who would enjoy fucking your little penis.
Personally I hate little dicks and I hate losers like you. You little dick freaks should be isolated from society. There should be some kind of small penis loser registry so that every woman could be aware of someone like you. Nobody would go out with you and that’s what you deserve, to be all alone. I mean why do you even try? Even if you could convince a woman to go out with you, once she saw your little dick she’d dump you immediately. Why even put yourself through this? You know the result, it’s the same every time.
It’s time for you to accept reality, you’ve got a tiny pathetic little dick, and nothing is going to change that. There is no cure. There is no way to please a woman with a small dick like that. You can’t be fixed. I mean it’s so small that when you masturbate it looks like you’re rubbing your clit. You’re biggest hope is to be a slave or a cuckold to a woman.
It must be so degrading to be watching this right now as you rub on your pathetic little dick. To know that you get off to this. Look at that dick. Look at reality. It’s time to face it, you are a little dick loser. There is nothing that will change that ever. You’re never going to get pussy. You’re just going to remain a virgin loser. All you can do is rub that little clit to small penis humiliation and that will further prevent you from ever getting laid because you can’t get hard to anything else anymore, can you?
You are a fucking pathetic little dick freak. You don’t watch normal porn, you don’t dream of having a normal relationship. All you want is a dominant woman who will humiliate you and manipulate you and make you do the most degrading things because that’s all you can get off to. You couldn’t get hard for sex. You know it’s true. You’ve tried and failed, haven’t you? This, right here, is the best sexual experience you could ever hope to have in your pathetic life.
You’re a worthless, useless poor excuse for a man. You’re nothing like a real man with a little dick like that and you will never have a real woman in your life. Never. LOL! Am I being too cruel or are you over there rubbing yourself furiously? We both know, I know what I’m doing to you and I know what you’re doing right now. You love how I’m degrading you. You needed this. You needed to be reminded of exactly what you are.
– Miss Honey Barefeet –

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