HumiliationPOV – An Intimate CEI Experience – Stare Into My Eyes While You Eat It, Feel Me There – JOI, Degradation

Added: 09-06-2020

I know you’re already jerking off to my hot young body. You want me to take control of your cock and your orgasm. And I know how much you love when a hot young brat takes control of you. But if I do that for you, you’re going to have to do something for me. You’re going to have to eat your cum because a loser like you deserves to lick up his mess when he’s done. You need to do humiliating and disgusting things for Princess because if you don’t, what’s the point?
Stroke that cock for me loser. Stroke it for my tight young body. I know that feels so good. But you know what’s waiting for you at the end. You’re going to eat your cum and you’re going to thank me for it. Keep stroking for Princess in my tiny little bikini. You’re such a weak little addict for Princess. I know you’re craving that cum. You wanna consume your own jizz, don’t you loser? You want to do disgusting things for Princess. I’m going to have you get naked and get down on your knees, and you’re going to cum on the floor and lick it up right off the floor.
You know a loser like you deserves to eat his own disgusting cum. You know it and that’s why you’re going to do it for me. Is there anything more humiliating than getting on all fours and licking your cum up off the dirty floor? Keep stroking idiot, I want you to work up a big load so you can lick it up like the nasty fucking loser that you are. You’ll do anything for Princess because you’re a perverted little loser who craves his own jizz. You’re fucking filthy and pathetic and desperate to do anything I want.
The only thing I want to hear out of your sad mouth is, ‘Yes Princess’. Doesn’t it feel so good to stroke for Princess? Yes it does. And when you lick it up, you’re going to put your computer on the floor and stare deep into my eyes and listen to me laugh at you and degrade you while you’re staring in my eyes. It will feel so personal that way. You’re such a horny little cum slut, you can’t wait to eat it for me. Just look at me in my bikini, it makes you want to eat your load over and over again, doesn’t it loser?
You can’t wait to lick it up off the floor like the loser that you are. You can’t wait to stare into my eyes and truly feel humiliated like the cum eating loser that you are. My tight little body owns that cock, doesn’t it? But don’t cum until I tell you, you need to be an obedient little cum slut for me. I know you’re just craving the taste by now, so eager to be a cum eating slut for Princess. You’re so fucking pathetic.
Are you ready to cum? I want you naked and on all fours on the floor. I’m going to count you down and when I get to one, you’re going to lick the floor clean, every single drop of your jizz is going down your throat. Three, two, one….. Cum all over the floor like the loser that you are. Look down at your mess. Now eat it. Lick it off the ground and stare into my eyes. I want you to feel me there staring back at you, laughing at you and humiliating you. You’re going to love how personal this is going to feel. You love being an eager cum slut for me. Keep licking loser, I want you to eat it all up.

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