Goddess Fiona – Shoe Licking Bitch – Submissive Training

Added: 12-06-2020

Good, you’re already down on your knees, you little shoe licking bitch. How does it feel to be down there at my feet, doing your ONE job? How does it feel to be my shoe licking bitch sub? It’s disgusting, what you do. But I guess everyone needs a disgusting sub to do their dirty work. Everyone needs a shoe licker down there, licking their shoes spotless. Every Goddess deserves exactly that, don’t you think? So that’s why you’re here, Subby. To serve your purpose in life. To serve your purpose as a shoe licking sub. It’s so pathetic – you down there, licking my filthy shoes just so you can have a chance to be close to me. HA. So gross! But devoted, I suppose. I want you to stay down there forever, at my feet, licking my shoes. I have a million pairs of shoes and they all need licked while I degrade you from my place of superiority, as you look at my gorgeous face, body, and lingerie, just begging to be of use. Well I have a use for you Subby – lick my shoes spotless, FOREVER.

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