HumiliationPOV - Valentina Fox - Mindless Goonbot Reprogramming - Lost In An Endless Goon Loop - Instructions

Added: 10-10-2020

Valentina Fox will completely reprogram your weak brain in this brilliant mindfuck/mesmerize clip. It is loaded with audio and visual effects that have been expertly crafted to reprogram and rewire your brain and turn you into a mindless goonbot. This is a very powerful clip, you will not be able to cum or stop jerking. You will watch this on a loop as you were programmed to do. This clip is a masterpiece in mindwashing, mesmerizing and is filled with auditory and visual subliminal programming techniques.

Hello my little bot. Are you ready for more rewiring? For more training? You are not a human. You are not a person. You are a goonbot and you have one purpose, one reason for existing, and that is to goon. No cumming, no stopping, just gooning. You don’t have normal human emotions, you don’t have regular interactions with people, you don’t have sex, all you do is sit at home and goon. Because you are just a goonbot. Stroke, it’s your purpose, it’s your only reason for existing. You’ve felt this, you know it’s true. All you do is goon because that’s what you were programmed to do. And it was so easy to program you because you’re just a bot, all I had to do was upload my commands into your weak goonbot processor, and the programming takes over.

Jerk, Goon, Edge. Jerk, Goon, Edge. The program takes over your mind. All you are is a mindless goonbot, a mindless drone that I programmed. All you know how to do is follow your programming and do what you were made to do. Stroke, stroke, stroke, no cumming, no stopping, just gooning. I want you to edge for me, show me what a weak little goon you are, show me that the programming is working. Goon for me. Edge for me. No stopping, just stroking. No talking, all you know how to do is goon.

Stroke for me, show me what a well programmed goonbot you are. You are my mindless little goonbot. It feels so good to stop thinking and just do what you were programmed to do, to be what you were made to be, a mindless jerk junkie. My programming is so strong that it’s taken over your life. You don’t talk to anyone, you never talk to anyone, all you want to do is goon. You never want this to stop and it’s never going to stop because I never programmed you to stop. You’re just going to keep doing this over and over again. I want you constantly edging because this is what you were programmed for. You were created to be my goonbot. Stroke, stroke, stroke, it feels so good to do what you were made to do. It feels so good to be mindless. It feels so good to let me take over. You don’t need to think.

Just focus on my voice and on my programming and my body and goon, my stupid little bot. Focus on edging, focus on your hard cock, that’s all you can focus on. I programmed you to be like this, I programmed you to have this one track mind. All you can think about is stroking. All you care about is edging and gooning for me. Never cum, never stop, just keep stroking. Stroke more, show me what a good bot you are, show me how well my programming is working on you. Stroke. Show me what a mindless little goonbot you are. No thinking, just stroking. All you have to do is keep stroking, make sure this never stops, don’t let this feeling ever go away.

Keep edging for me. Show me how addicted you are. Show me what a good little goon you can be. Show me that you understand your programming. No cumming, no stopping, just gooning. You’re not interested in going out and chasing women, not after I’ve programmed you to remain inside, gooning away, obeying your programming. You’re not interested in anything besides stroking because you’re a well programmed mindless goonbot. A mindless jerkoff zombie. That’s all you’ll ever be because I made you this way. I’ve made your programming so strong and you never want it to go away. So you’re going to keep gooning for me. You love gooning for me. You could do this forever, you’re going to do this forever.

You’re never going to be able to stop. It’s in your programming. It’s not like you ever want to stop anyway, you love this. You love being my little goonbot. You love every minute of this. You’re going to keep going and make this addiction even stronger. No stopping, no cumming, just edging. All you want to do is stroke, it’s what you were programmed for you. It feels so right to be my mindless little jerkoff junkie, my goonbot. You’re not human, you’ve been reduced to nothing more than a goonbot. Your only purpose is to stroke. Such an easy simple existence for such a very simple goonbot. No sex for the goonbot ever. This is your sex. Stroking is all you need. You never need to cum, you’re just going to stay like this forever. Never stop stroking. Goon for me, my little goonbot. You never get to stop, I’m keeping you trapped here forever. Mindless little goonbots never get to cum, they just keep gooning.

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File Name : 3333___valentinagoonbot
Format: MPEG-4
File Size : 834 MB
Duration: 00:11:18
Video: AVC, 1920 x 1080, 29.970 FPS, 9997 kb/s
Audio: AAC LC, 2 channels, 317 kb/s



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