Goddess Madam Violet - HandsFree Club

Added: 07-11-2020

The first rule of hands free club is you do not use your hands in the handsfree club, the second rule of HandsFree Club you do NOT use your hands in the HandsFree Club! This is an exclusive members only club for men that understand pleasure goes far deeper, than the flesh, for those that want to learn what they’re truly capable of.
Reality in its entirety is created in the mind, all pleasure, all pain comes from the mind. Your hands, your cock they are mere distractions, they keep the uninitiated, the unintelligent trapped in a never ending always unfulfilling cycle of pleasure binge and purge. Consider this your application into the club. There will be many lessons to come, and if you are to ever CUM in the HFC - it will be HANDSFREE, always. Get naked, lie down on your back, hands by your sides…let’s begin.
I place you into a deep trance, nothing for you to do but melt into your bed, body heavy mind blissfully empty. I make your body so heavy and relaxed, so mesmerised that you lose all sense of your heavy hands. You don’t need your hands anymore, you have you WHOLE body that I am caressing with My voice. Just lay there in a puddle as I sweetly softly fuck your mind wide open, giving you chance to experience your full potential.
I am in control of your biochemistry, you mind obeys ME and tells your brain to release serotonin, dopamine…Every time I SNAP I dose you with a PLEASURE BOOST. I bathe you in My Power, you lay before Me taken over entirely, vibrating with pleasure BEYOND the physical. I get you turn the pleasure dial UP in your mind…finish up the lesson and then bring you round. Slowly lowering the pleasure to a more tolerable amount…you will awaken still desperate for another HFC session, craving the REAL touch of My voice again. Desperate to overflow with cum, HANDSFREE! Soon slave. And Welcome to Handsfree Club!

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