HumiliationPOV - Mandy Marx - Real Blackmail, Real Consequences, Do You Get Off On Fear Or Ruin?

Added: 15-11-2020

Your wife, your girlfriend, whoever, they’ll never get it. But there’s something kinda hot about being scared. Do you really want it all gone? Do you wanna start over? Do you want me to take away everything you’ve been working for your whole life? Easy. If you can truly afford to be genuinely b-mailed by me, then you can afford to fly here and meet me for real. So many possibilities in person. Here with me. Online you have to give me your information and I have to rely on your honesty, but in person, with your cock in my hand, I could force some things out of you. There are some things in just the way that you twitch, that I could read you.

But if you’re used to doing this online, then this might be too much for you. Not too much money, but too much for you to handle in person. Have you ever felt the need to send me compromising information and see if I actually do something with it? In person, I can only imagine the kind of information you’re going to start spewing when I’m edging you. Relentless and open in my hand. I could take it all away. How long do you think you would last in my presence? How would you fare on the road to ruin with my heels pressed up against you. Just the sound of them, my nails stroking your face as I whisper, ‘Your secret is safe with me.’ It feels really safe with me doesn’t it?

You come to be because you know me and you trust me. And I would never do anything to abuse that trust. I get off on your getting off and if you need a little bit of fear, then that’s fine. But maybe you truly get off on things being taken away. How scary would that be? If you were in the room with me for only fifteen minutes I’d have your keys, your car, your wallet, I’d have your id. After the session I could give it all back and I’d still have your plate number, your id, all of your credit card information, and with those three things, I can get almost anything I want. From you, from your family, from your boss.

Just looking through your wallet, I’d know so much about you. How would you fare on the road to ruin with me in control? Going faster when I really want to. Would you start begging me to slow down? But how would you feel with your fetish for fear, if you were in a room with me in the dark and all I did was whisper possibilities, things I could do to you. Real or not, but pretty real. You could watch me take pictures of your credit card. I could do so many things in front of you while I whisper scary sweet nothings in your ear. Would that be enough to drive you crazy? To watch me ruining you. Teasing you with my hand, using all of my assets to get any last bit of information out of you. I don’t think that would be hard because if you buy a clip like this, you want it. You want to tell me everything.

You might be one of those boys who has a drink or two just to get some liquid courage and start giving me information. And you can send me an email that next day saying, ‘Oh Goddess, I got a little out of hand last night.’ You can’t do that in person. You can’t do that in person. You’d be lost, fearful, ruined.

– Mandy Marx –

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