Marceline Leigh - Fuck Yourself Like A Girl

Added: 13-12-2020

I have a very special treat in store for you today, my dear little sissy. Today I am going to be teaching you exactly how to fuck yourself like a girl. But first, you must look the part of a proper sissy girl. I have a gorgeous blue lingerie set picked out just for you. Undress, tuck and then put it on. Good, now the heels. Do a little walk for me. And now a spin. That outfit looks great on you! It's now time for makeup. Contour, highlighter, eye shadow, liner, lipstick. You're going to look gorgeous when I'm done with you. All the other sissies are going to be green with jealousy. And for the final touch, a sexy, full red wig. Now, it's finally time for you to start fucking yourself like a girl. And to fuck yourself like a girl, that means you are not allowed to touch your dick at all. Forget it exists, because it might as well. The only way you are getting pleasure is from your mangina. Your back pussy. You're going to get it nice and warmed up first. Here's some lube, now begin with fingering yourself with one finger. We're going to really work that pussy of yours. I'm sure you've been eyeing this huge dildo I have over here. Well, this is the end goal. By the time we're done you're going to be cumming with this huge toy right up your asshole, your mangina. Add another finger. Thrust in and out. Stretch out that back pussy. Add one more finger and with three fingers now inside of you curl them. Find your g-spot and press on it. Feel the waves of pleasure it causes to ripple throughout your body. I do believe it's time for you to start riding the first dildo. Yet another warm up before the main course, but I'm sure you'll find it just as delicious. I'll get it nice and lubed up for you. Suction it to the seat of your chair. Lower yourself onto it and then start riding. Bounce your ass up and down on it. Fuck yourself on it. It's almost time for you to move up to the big one. But before you do, you know there is one more thing to do before. While I lube it up, while you watch me get it all nice and slick for your puckered mangina, you're going to finish warming yourself up with your entire hand. Now, suction this huge dildo onto your seat and slowly begin to lower yourself onto it. Inch by excruciatingly pleasurable inch. Look! You actually were able to fit it all in! And that dildo is bigger than my entire forearm! What an accomplishment. Know, move up and down. I can tell you're close to cumming. So, cum. Cum just like a sissy girl while you fuck yourself.

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