Dommelia - New Sissy Secretary

Added: 21-12-2020

You’ve been in the company a short time and I invite you in for a meeting. I am the CEO of the company and need to talk to you about your performance. You simply aren’t productive enough, and you have a bit of an attitude. If you want to stay in the role then some things are going to have to change. So to get things going, I need you to sniff from this bottle for me. This is Aroma and you’re going to sniff from it every single day, multiple times a day. You see, the reason why this company is so successful is because I mould my employees, turn them into better, harder working more productive versions of themselves. You’ve probably always wondered why you’re the only male employee too, haven’t you? But guess what, all those girls out there, your colleagues… They all used to be men like you, too. But I trained them and sissified them until they were the perfect, hard working, obedient girls you see today. And now, it’s your turn new boy… Hahaha.
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