Goddess Natalie - ASMR JOI with mutual orgasms

Added: 08-01-2021

So, I heard you’re really starting to fall for my voice. Is it true? I head that you’re slowly but surely becoming more and more addicted to the voice of my hot, soft voice…whispering into your ears and getting you all horny. I know it gives you goosebumps every time you hear it and no matter if I say some casual stuff or talk about sex, you still always get that tingling sensation at the top of your head. Well, since you love it so much, how about you get in bed, cover up in some blankets and put your headphones on so you can enjoy it better. Oh and make sure you’re naked cause I have a surprise for you: today I’m also going to jerk off with you, so we can jack off at the same time and cum together. You wanna hear the sound of that pussy getting all wet and sloppy, don’t you? Pity you won’t get to see it, cause you know you don’t deserve that, you little wanker haha but you can use your imagination. Enjoy rubbing that lonely cock of yours to the sounds of me moaning and giving you JOI
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