Emily Valentina - Plugged, Mesmerized, Edged

Added: 18-01-2021

For tonight’s playtime, you and I are taking things up a notch. You’re fairly decent at edging to my sweet whispers while you’re under… and you’re quite familiar with how incredible it feels, how I can make it feel like your cock is just GLOWING with sensitivity and pleasure- now, imagine taking that all to the next level! You’re going to need two special items for this- a butt plug (start small if you’ve never done this before) and plenty of lube. We’re breaking a taboo tonight, and plugging you up. It’s a given that I love to tease you into absolute oblivion, so letting you get too good at edging yourself would be boring for me- so, let’s see if you can hold it in with a toy pressing up against your prostate. And… while you listen to me touch myself and cum. That’s right- there’s audio of me cumming in the background, plus TONS of dirty talk, and that’s on top of the direct-to-camera speech you’ll also be ensnared and enthralled by… and COMPLETE UNCENSORED nudity! There’s a cum countdown at the end… but will you last that long? We’ll see.
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