Goddess Natalie - A sore losers punishment

Added: 31-03-2021

Since it's a day all about taboo today, I figured I'd compete against my step-brother in a little arm wrestling. He always keeps on acting like he's the boss around and he's all alpha, strong, masculine, powerful...whatever, bla bla!
So today, I wanted to see how strong he really is - and we made a little bet as well! Of course it wasn't a fair one! Since when have I been known to make fair bets? lol
So I told him that in case he'll lose, he is gonna have to let me do whatever I want to him today and use him in any way I desire. In case I somehow lose, I promised to do the dishes for a whole week, which I think is generous enough, anyway!
I wonder if he'll cheat, though...and let me win just so I could take advantage of him! I'm curious if he would lose on purpose, just so I'd have him worship my body and kiss my ass! Haha but he has no idea that I have more that just that in store for him!
I'm not just gonna make him kiss my ass, but also inhale the gas that comes out of it! And to make sure that it will be a day he won't forget too easily, I'm gonna let him play with himself while I fuck his ass with my favorite strap-on! He's gonna feel that cock inside of him for the whole day after this!

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