Josie Cairaway - Always Staring At My Ass

Added: 07-04-2021

Every time and I mean every time I bend over you blatantly stare at my ass. Should I go and wake up your girlfriend and tell her all about it? Should I wait for my boyfriend to get here and tell him about it? She's already annoyed with you and this would probably make her leave you. My boyfriend would probably just kick you ass. No...You don't want either of those things to happen? Then why do you keep staring when I told you not to? I won't tell if you do something me. I'll even give you a little show. I want to see you eat your own cum. No...fine I'll go wake up your girlfriend and tell her....don't do that. So you're going to play along then. No more arguing with me? Good. Now sit down and pull your cock out. No wonder she's been in such a pissy mood lately. That isn't the smallest I've seen but it's small. O K start jerking that little dick. Yes I'm going to make fun of your little cock while I do this. Do you object? Do you want to stop and wake her up? I didn't think so. Now keep stroking and I'll even let you stare at my ass while you do. Enough play time it's time for you to cum. I want to see you eat that load. Eat it all up. There you go. Every last drop. Did you hear that? I think your girlfriend is awake. You're not going to believe what your boyfriend just did in front of me. It was gross.

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