Miss London Lix - Valentine's Fluffer

Added: 08-04-2021

I was thinking about what the best gift I could get you for Valentine's Day would be, and I think this is it; a little bit of me, a little bit of your real life. I don't want to homewreck you or ruin your valentine's, but I know you still need your London Lix fix. You need to sate that femdom itch, get your craving for JOI out of your system so that you can thoroughly sink in to your evening ahead. So I'm going to be your fluffer today! I'll be your foreplay, I'll be your warm up, so you're even harder and hornier for your date. The only catch is you CANNOT cum. You really shouldn't, you know? You want a big load for your wife, or girlfriend, or tinder date. So I'm going to need you to resist my charms and if I start to do something naughty like try to persuade you to spill one...or more...loads for me, then you'll just have to have self control! If I start seductively licking this cock and giving you a cum countdown you can just ignore it, okay? Even if the idea of me stealing VDay sounds hotter than any plans you already can do that, right? ;)

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