Princess Miki - Therapy to Get Over Your Ex

Added: 14-04-2021

By Princess Miki Aoki

This isn’t a “thérapy role play” clip, but I do want you to treat this as a form of theråpy.

You’re still not over your ex, I know it. She ruined your sex life the moment she stepped out of your life. It’s a shame that you’re not interested in anyone else, and you’re still so shaken up by the heartbreak.

What if… you decided to sexualize her rejection of you? What if you decided to thank her for doing the right thing by walking out on a guy who never deserved her anyway? I can even be a surrogate for Her: look into My eyes and thank her for what she did to you as you masturbate. Think about the words she used to deliver the bad news. Jerk to the terrible memory. This is you reclaiming your power… right?

Except she still ruined your sex life, because the act of humping your hand while thinking about her means she’s still very much in control, whether she knows it or not. You still don’t want to go out and have sex… you’re just less sad about her now.

Is this fucked up? Yes, most definitely. But your options were to bathe in your sadness forever or to get over her. The latter was impossible, and the former was unbearable, so I’m presenting you with this third option. This is a form of healing, if you adjust your perspective…

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