Goddess Nikki Kit - Sniffing Will Make You Eat Your Cum

Added: 26-04-2021

I understand you're nervous because it's your first time swallowing your own cum. But don't you worry your simple little head, Nikki knows how to calm down those nerves of yours. You are going to grab your sniffing bottle in one hand, and your dick in the other. Because today is the day that you do the unthinkable, and lick up your own cum for Me. I know you won't fail, because I have a little surprise for you that is going to make you mindlessly follow through with this task, You are going to sniff that bottle about once a minute and follow My every instruction. You are going to worship My body and mindlessly stroke your dick like a good boy, and taste your pre-cum when I tell you to. I am going to give you a cum countdown and you are going to fill up your hand with your big salty load. Then, with one more sniff of that bottle, you are going to lap up your warm load right out of your hand for Me. I bet your mouth is watering just thinking about it.

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