Goddess Jasmine Mendez - Taking your Virginity - Christmas Day - Brainwash

Added: 18-05-2021

It's Christmas Eve, Succubus Jasmine is hungry again for another virgin. She showed up in my apartment covered in a robe and wearing a Santa Claus hat on. She claims that she is my Christmas present by making my ultimate fantasy come true but she really wants to feed on my life Encourage and my body every time I cums when I have sex with her. At first, I thought somebody is pulling a prank on me, she assures me that it's no prank as she unveiled what she is wearing and takes her pantie off. Then she climbs on top of me and rides me till we reached climax several times! Every time I cummed, I get weaker and Jasmine demands more of my cum! With no energies or strength left, Jasmine wish me a merry Christmas and confesses that she is a succubus! Then she absorb what's left of me into her body! Jasmine is all alone in the room in a different outfit and she has a big round belly! At the end, she thanks me because we both got what we wanted at the end. Me being her Christmas dinner when she made my ultimate desire come true. Now she is taking everything I own! My house, my car, my Christmas presents and my money!

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