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Added: 18-05-2021

I find out my late husband, your father didn't leave me anything when he passed. You let your friends and biological mother get in your ear and convince you to kick me out of the house. You thought you were so clever coming in and telling me I get one suitcase and that I must vacate immediately. Against the council of your friends you meet up with me after the move. You want to apologize and offer me 10% of the inheritance. I laugh, "You think Ill accept 10% NO, I want 100% and for you to leave with one suitcase". You laugh until you see me waving a pill in front of your face. You ask what it is and I explain its a dick enlargement pill. You grab for it while offering me 20%. I laugh again, "That is not a dick enlargement pill, that pill will make your dick so sensitive youll be cumming 24/7, even your boxers touching you will cause an orgasm". You are shocked and offer 30% of the inheritance for the remedy. I laugh and pull your dick out of your pants and begin giving you a hand job. I laugh louder, "You will give me 100% if I am able to milk you in 1 minute". You agree thinking you've got the upper hand, sadly the pill has kicked in and with one touch you begin to cave and drip. You try to resist but cum immediately. I mock, "Do you want to live like this? You want to be that pervert who cant stop or last? Do you want the remedy? Sign over 100% NOW". You sign on the dotted line and I begin uncontrollably laughing, "There is no remedy idiot, now grab your one suitcase and get out of my house".

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