Hypnotic Natalie - Do not touch! - Femdom Pov

Added: 25-05-2021

We had many different kinds of challenges out there - some easier, some more difficult! Sometimes you failed, some other times you managed to impress me! And I think I've been generous enough with the rewards, allowing you to sometimes cum for me!
So today, since it is getting towards the end of the month, for those of you who wants to up their points on the "good boys list" a little, we have a little challenge. See it as an opportunity to impress me, if you may! As the name says it, this one is all about not touching yourself!
I will tease you in all the possible ways and show you all the goodies that I normally don't give away too easily - you can look, but you can't touch! Oh, and trust me, I will make it extra super hard for you!
I could just lock you up in chastity or tie your hands up, but to me, it is a lot more fun when I give you the freedom to do whatever you wish and you still obey. Nothing makes me happier than a good, obedient pet in mental chastity!

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