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Added: 25-05-2021

Lucid Lavender
You bought another one of my clips, didn't you? You wanna be my goon boy and when you wanna be a goon, it's so easy to become one, isn't it? You're so willing, I don't even have to talk and you're already jerking, that's how much you wanna be a goon. You loved the first clip you bought, you thought it was so enticing, and you've been wanting to buy another, and here we are. You see I set a trap for you and now you're sinking down into it, deeper and deeper. And I'm going to pull you even deeper into my trap. Stare at me, become mesmerized by me, look at my body, my beautiful face. Get lost in me. There's just something so alluring about me, something that just draws you in.
Your hand can't help but go to your cock, you can't stop yourself from pumping. And as you pump, I'm filling your brain with subliminal messages, messages of addiction, of obsession. Messages that pull you down even deeper into my trap. And you know that I'm real, you know that I'm powerful. You've seen my clips where I have boys tied down to this very bed. You know how real it is. And that makes this even better. As much as this can be fantasy, it can also be a very true reality. I want you to know that. I want you to know how real this could be, this little online relationship that we have. This bond we've been building, it can be real. You can be in this very room with me, and I want you to let that realness, that excitement of it becoming a reality, I want you to let that build. Make our connection even stronger.
Your fantasies, they could be real, you could really be laying on this bed, I could really be whispering in your ear, and my hand really could be the one on your cock. I want to use that to advance our online relationship. I wanna use that to get you even more addicted. I want you feeling even more lost and in need of my direction. It's so easy to lost in my trap. You have a deep need to feel submissive and obedient. You need a woman who can speak you with a voice full of authority. I am better than you, I am smarter than you and that's why you feel so weak in front of me and it only intensifies your submissive feelings. You want to become fully immersed in this online relationship, you want to become so obsessed that you have to make this a reality. And you can. I am real. This is real.
I know you already can't stop buying my clips with your cock in your hand. You can't help yourself from doing that. And you owe it to yourself, just like all the other addicted boys out there. You can't get me out of your head, I've trapped you. And now that you're in my trap, I'm going to make you cum. I'm going to demand your orgasm. Your orgasms belong to me. Your stroking belongs to me. You're so weak for me. I know just how to manipulate boys like you. Because I'm real. This is real. The only reason I make these videos is to trap boys like you, I make you so desperate that you need to become my real slave. You've gone as far as you can online and you need to go deeper. And you can. You can be mine, you can be here.
I know how badly you want to cum, to cum to the thought of going even deeper, to the thought that this isn't just an online game with me. Now I'm going to let you cum and as you do, you're going to exclaim your devotion to me, your need to be mine for real because you're deep in this little trap that I've set for you and you can't get out. I want you to exclaim all the ways I get into your head and then send them to me in an email so I can use them against you and trap you even deeper. And as you cum, I want you to think about all the ways I can fuck you up. And after you cum, you're going to Know that you are trapped as I go about my day and forget all about you.

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