Goddess Valora - Man of Steal 2 - Chastity

Added: 03-06-2021

Well Superman, it's been 3 long weeks of serving your new overlord: Queen Valora. In that time, she's turned you and her other super slaves into her henchmen, changing the world in her image. In fact, the earth is now known as 'Valora'. You've been submitting to her will all while she's made you witness her sexual conquests while locked in Kryptonite chastity. Her favorite person to cuck you with is your old bully, Lex Luthor.
Queen Valora grants him a little power to be able to withstand the super power fueled sex that they have. They don't even allow you out of chastity, you just have to watch Lex pound your former girlfriend. The worst part is, you like it. Valora is well aware of this and it's part of why she keeps you alive. But today you learn that there's another reason. Lex has been working to formulate a device that will give Valora even more power. Then she'll be able to conquer other worlds and soon, the galaxy. There's just one thing it needs... Kryptonian sperm...
Your chance to be free from chastity has come, but at a price. Valora informs you that you have exactly 2 minutes to cum, if you can't, she locks you in chastity forever. The device starts and you feel your lifeforce being extracted as the machine milks you. There's something about how pure evil Queen Valora is that makes you cum in the time frame. Once you release, Valora begins to cackle as she feels the change about to occur.
She's thrown against the wall as you witness her transformation into her new power form. Her outfit has changed to something more revealing. You barely have time to gawk before you're hurled to the floor by the mighty tyrant. She's decided to put you in more constricting, embarrassing chastity to show off how she's castrated Superman. As the key locks, Valora goes back to her word and hurls the key into another dimension. You really should have expected that.
Queen Valora now has the power to see and transport herself into the past and future to manipulate time however she pleases. The future of reality is about to be altered and it's all thanks to your inner submissive weakness. But Valora's had enough fun with you, with a snap of her fingers, she sends you back into your suspended reality with the other super losers until she's ready to use you again.

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