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Added: 16-06-2021

Welcome to sissy bootcamp! I'm your personal trainer, Natasha. I'm here to whip you into perfect sissy shape. Today is your first workout, and it's going to be packed with slutty feminization exercises. My training sessions are intense, a real challenge, but I can tell that you're more than ready for it. First, we'll need to get you into appropriate attire. Panties, makeup, and not much else. Such a pretty girl! You've got to be fully feminized, dressed the part, if you want a real sissy workout. It's time to get into the proper mindset. Mental training is just as important as physical training. From now on, you'll identify yourself only as a girl or a sissy. Ok, sissy girl? Follow along with my mental exercises, good girl. Enter the sissy mind space. Now, time for little bit of stretching. It's your sissy pussy we'll be stretching out. A butt plug, not too big or too small, just the right size to train that pussy hole of yours. On your hands and knees, a nice big dildo in front of you. Open your mouth! Sissy pushups are next. It's not about working your muscles here; the goal is to slobber all over and suck down cock. Rub your sissy clitty as you swallow down every inch. You're going to make that clitty cum with a cock deep down your throat. Sucking it in and out, taking every bit of it into your throat, up and down. That clitty is so close to exploding! It's time for the final step in your sissy workout: a creamy, refreshing mouthful...

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