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Added: 02-07-2021

You've recently started seeing a Therapist-Fantasy, Dr Wolfe, who specializes in troubled boys like yourself. You only go because your Step-Parents make you, and you think Dr Wolfe is hot, and your typical MO is to just sit there with your arms crossed until the 45 minutes is up.
Today, you walk in and Dr Wolfe starts the usual routine of asking how you're doing, as if she actually cares how you feel. And, as usual, you say "good" and then sit down and cross your arms. You've been seeing Dr Wolfe for a couple months, and every time she has a different response to your blatant lack of engagement in your Therapy-Fantasy session... but you never saw this one coming...
Dr Wolfe explains she's been developing a rather unorthodox method of Therapy-Fantasy that she plans to implement in her own practice. Therapy-Fantasy can often very much direct the patient's attention to the bad going on in their life, without encouraging them to do what feels good. As one who specializes in treating troubled boys, Dr Wolfe knows it can be hard to get them to talk, so her new method of Therapy-Fantasy will instead simply help her patients to feel good for the entirety of the 45 minute session they have with her.
At this point in your life, you don't really feel like you have anything to lose, so you try out this new treatment... and after this session, you will no longer be coming back to see Dr Wolfe because your Step-Parents make you. You will be coming back because she makes you feel better... and she's hot.
*Buy the clip to experience the Therapy-Fantasy session you need, but can get only here, as I pair grounding and breathing exercises with the smelling of my nylon feet to relax you to hands-free-orgasm, mesmerize you with beauty of my stockings as you enjoy the afterglow of your first orgasm, Encourage you to sniff my thigh highs as you pleasure yourself to my bare feet, and finally enjoy the afterglow of your second orgasm with my beautiful feet in your face to end our session.*

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