Goddess Natalie - Happy Independence day roomie - Dirty Foot

Added: 05-07-2021

This is a little custom video I made for Alan , who is a good little slave addicted to my feet. He wanted the rest of you foot freaks to drool all over my feet , so here it is : one of my custom videos available for you to buy.
I am a foreign student staying with an American family for an exchange and i decide to go wish the s *n of the lovely host couple a happy independence day. While im there asking what his plans for the 4th of july are , i end up taking my socks off and notice he 's breathing heavily. When i ask him what 's wrong , he starts sweating a little before telling me he has a foot fetish. I laugh and can barely believe that there is such a thing as foot fetish , but feel quite turned on by it and ask him more about what turns him on. I end up teasing the hell out of him and getting dominating once I see how weak he is , then order him to come closer and massage my feet. From an innocent massage it moves on to licking my feet and i eventually ask him if there 's anything in particular he 'd like to do to celebrate independence day.

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