Miss Untamed - The One - Foot fetish

Added: 19-07-2021

20 minute role-play closeup POV foot fetish video. For this video Is it possible to make your eyes red or white and evil as if you were wearing contacts? Supernatural look. Latex or something sheer.
The idea of this story would be that it turns out that I am "The One" that has been prophesied about for thousands of years. The prophesy talks of how "The One" is destined to conquer the great evil Coerces and deliver the world of it's oppression and if "the One" fails then evil will prevail forever. In order for me "The One" to fulfill his destiny, I must first learn crucial skills from you because you are supposed pass all of your magical power, knowledge and skills to me. Your eyes are red because you joined the evil Coerces because you hated the idea of having to dedicate your entire life training me so that I could get all of the glory. Instead of training me you use your magical powers to defeat me. Your goal is to make sure that "The One" becomes a nobody in which no one will ever know me or see the prophesy fulfilled. you become successful as you rewrite my destiny as your foot addict. You are seated on the floor with your feet close to my face as you have me mesmerized lying down gazing at your soles. Instead of making me jerk off like normal guys, you make me use my fingertips and thumb to rub the underside of my penis through my pants in a swirling motion. I would like you to tell me "take a good look...... a good good look" I would like you to cross your feet at the ankles and slowly move them around and scrunch your toes and soles. While you are doing this can you please give me smug looks that turns into hateful glares? I would like you to speak to me in a sensual way. I would like you to tell me things how you want to hear my defeat in the form of the Squeezing sound of my precum from the rhythmic rubbing. I want you to tell me things like you are going to make my pants stiff from cum. If you are able to make a Squeezing sound in the background that would be great and I would like that. If not that is okay.

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