Madam Violet - Third Time’s A Charm - THREE JOI - Femdom Pov

Added: 21-07-2021

This can be watched on it’s own - but that’s no fun, watch #1 and #2 first. Watch each for as many days you like and then watch this, as your sweet SWEET reward (and the cementing of your lifetime obsession).
You have earned this slave. Madam Violet in a micro thong bikini, purple shiny, oiled up, shiny red lips to match My shiny red boots. This will be the JOI’s to end them all. So powerfully hy pn otic, with layered vocals, whispers, moans and groans, finger snaps trigger words, perfectly shaped ass, My juicy big tits, the way I snake My hips, the way I spread My ass cheeks, the irreplaceable way I fuck your mind and own your cock.
The way I encourage to think of how much you want to slide you cock up and down My slick shiny slippy red boots, up and down My oiled ass, My smooth firm thighS, how you will NEVER get it, but you will CRAVE it forever CHASE it forever like a true ADDICT…Madam Violet addict…The build up ensures your mind is so fucked, so empty….so EASY for Me to manipulate.
I’m sure you will not hear one word I say, which is perfect, I fuck your mind into pure OBEDIENCE and HELPLESS ADDICTION as you try your fucking hardest not to blow your load too early! I am so good to you, I slip out My slippy shiny big round tits, THAT look in My eye drives you insane…I count you down, into a no strings attached orgasm, after three days of toying with you, teasing you, psychologically re-training you, mindfucking you into an inescapable incurable obsession.
Your magic trigger word on repeat, whispered DEEP into your pink gaping pussy-mind, so much SLIPPY skin. Encouraging, commanding, pleased with My good little addict, not a loser, a man that wants to SERVE. Me. Forever, in all ways.

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