Eva de Vil - Be My Bunny Boy - JOI Fantasy

Added: 24-07-2021

I’ve selected you for the opportunity to join my bunny club. What is the bunny club? The bunny club is an exclusive circle of my most insatiable bunny sluts. I’ve chosen you for your slutty attributes, your near constant horniness and penchant for long edging sessions.

Today is your chance to earn your bunny tail. You’ll need a butt plug and a dildo. You’re going to stroke and fuck your ass for me.

In the club, my bunny boys fuck like rabbits. I hold daily lineups where my boys get on all fours and take it in the ass from my arsenal of fuck machines. The bunny floor gets so messy when my boys are panting and leaking! On the opposite wall, screens play my clips on repeat to mindwash them with the image of their bunny goddess. I patrol the line to make sure they’re all taking it deep enough. Their collective shudders and moans create a powerful atmosphere.

I upgrade you from your butt plug to your dildo. Now’s your time to shine. Now’s your time to prove that you deserve a place in my club. To earn your tail, you’ll have to cum on yourself with anal stimulation alone. Do you have what it takes?

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