HumiliationPOV - Miss Tiffany - Jerk Away Your Whole Paycheck, Imagine The Rush

Added: 12-05-2016

You know what little piggy? That paycheck you just got, its mine. All of it. Why? Because youre a stupid pay pig loser who is totally addicted to jerking away his money to me. And its time to stop setting budgets and limits on yourself. You need to be fully drained. You know and I know it. And how do I know you know it? Because just hearing me say it makes your cock twitch so bad. Just the thought of actually giving me all of your paycheck makes you want to jerkoff. Face it, it turns you on, a lot.

You may work for it all week, I dont give a fuck, its mine. The only reason your name is on it is because youre the dumbass who works for it. Im sure if you asked your boss or company would make it out to me. I mean, might as well, right? And you need to give it to me so badly because you desperately want my attention, and you know I wouldnt acknowledge you if you werent paying me tons of cash. So stop wasting it on frivolous things, when you could spend it on what you enjoy doing most in life, jerking and paying. I mean the only reason you even go to work is so that you can come home and night and jerkoff to me.

And it feels so good for you to jerk away your paycheck. You must get so turned on, on payday knowing that youll have so much cash to blow while you jerk your stupid life away. Im going to drain your cock and your wallet every fucking pay day. And you’re going to love it. Youre going to become so addicted to it. And you will learn how to live on less so you can spend more because it just feels that fucking good.

You feel so good when you get used hard. Dont deny it, I know how your stupid piggy brain works. And you need me, I give you purpose, I give you something to look forward to. Youd be nothing without me. Youd have nothing to look forward to. Im going to drain you completely loser and I know you want it because your dick twitched to those words. That paycheck is mine. You want that rush of spending it all, knowing how much power I have over you. I get right into that weak piggy brain of yours and mindfuck you.

You love how your cock feels as you jerk it and spend and spend as I drain that pay piggy wallet of yours. Nothing else in life gives you this feeling. And you know it loser. You should have your checks directly deposited into my account, that way your stupid little pay piggy brain doesnt have to decide what to do. Its easier if you let me do the thinking for you. Jerk away your paycheck loser.

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