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Added: 05-09-2021

You get so hard when I talk down about your wife. You probably know it's terrible, that you made your vows, and you know what the duties of a good husband are... but you just don't give a fuck. You want to go behind her back and watch naughty femdom pornos with a young tight bitch laughing at you through the screen while you helplessly jerk your cock. You've come to the right place then you sick fuck! As you moan and grind in to your own palm, picture your wife standing next to me. There's no comparison is there? So we're gonna surprise her a little bit because I think it's funny and you want to make me fucking happy don't you? Alright you grab a pair of her panties and be prepared to cum for me you little bitch, and you better follow through because I want pics emailed as proof! DemonGoddessJ at G mail ...for once just don't be a pussy, do as I say and send me the evidence.

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