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Added: 08-09-2021

Welcome to Lady Fyre's School for Sissies. This is quite a big step for you, but I know that you can do it. My office staff and I reviewed your application, and it seems like you're smart enough and dedicated enough to be successful. Let's start with some basics like your pronouns and the words you'll use to refer to parts of your body. Language informs thought, and it's very important sissy for your thoughts to be aligned with your vision for your future. I know you have goals, and I'm going to help mold you into the sissy that you were always meant to be. We have some very strict rules at this establishment, one of which is that at first you will not be allowed to touch your clitty or pussy at all. If you're caught, it means immediate expulsion from the program, and you will never be allowed to return. The greater the temptation, the harsher the punishment for giving in. Over time, as I see your behavior aligning with your true nature, you will earn privileges, such as new exciting clothing appearing in your closet. Tonight, while you're removing all of your body hair, an assistant will place a new negligee in your closet. Once the assistant has deemed you sufficiently hairless, you will be allowed to put on the first outfit of your new life. Make sure to do a good job sissy, and don't disappoint me on your first day.

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