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Added: 13-09-2021

You come over after I'm done with cheer practice. I'm all sweaty and it has you super horny. I point out that I've noticed you always want to get frisky when I've been exercising recently. I ask you if you like me all sweaty and you nod yes, reluctantly. You're. little ashamed but I giggle because I think it's cute. I decide to use this as fuel to become even more your dream girl. After all I love being adored and there's nothing like sexual desire to make a man hooked on you. I take you on a tour of wht I have on- from my sweaty top covered in sweat stains to my shorts and shoes. The smell and visibly wet places make you more and more needy. I encourage you to get off thinking of me like this. I start stripping, from my shoes and socks first. They are still freshly used from practice. I take off my top nice and slow, reminding you of my underboob sweat. My tits are beautiful as always, but now with the added desire of smelling my sweaty skin, you feel insatiable. I show you my workout bottoms next. They're filled with the great smell of my pussy since it also increases my phermones when I'm working out.I'm using this time as foreplay since you're getting riled up. I tell you to use my exercise bottoms to masturbate with, and once you burst I'll have you eating out my sweaty pussy nice and slow since you'll be able to focus on me without the distraction of your own cock. You eagerly take the panties and begin..

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