AstroDomina - BATHROOM BRAWL - Asian Goddess

Added: 25-09-2021

You find yourself alone with Sydney after flirting all night at the bar.. she tells you she knows you were staring at her black leather boots too. Is that your favorite part? she asks, and all you can do is drool and nod. Boys like you are so easy! How about if you kneel on the floor, but take off your pants first.
Sydney helps you out of your clothes and it seems like it might just turn out to be an amazing night. She takes your tie off and plays with it, teasing you.. You can't believe your luck Suddenly she wraps your tie around you and now your struggling to breathe but she's too powerful and you're out like a light
when you come to, you find out she's taped you up and puts a gag on you. You can't move or speak or do anything! Then comes the rubber gloves.. uh oh what have you gotten yourself into?!
You've falling into Sydney's **** loser!! You made a big mistake with your arrogance and attidue and for the next ten minutes she's going to beat, bruise, and belittle your pathetic balls. Even more humiliating, she's going to use her gloved hands to jerk you off to prove you're such a weak excuse for a man! She just wants to leave you in a puddle of your own patheticness! Can you resist loser or are you going to just allow Sydney to take complete control of you?

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