Mistress Janie - Cum On Your Own Face JOI - Coerced Cum Eating

Added: 26-09-2021

You are not a real man, you are just a cuck with an inadequate penis, desperate for my attention. I humiliate you for paying for this clip. You are so desperate to worship me and listen to my beautiful voice. You are not enough of a man to see me naked, so this sexy, sheer lingerie revealing most of my round ass is more than you deserve. You are so eager to jerk your cock for me, and today, I am going to let you. I will instruct you how to edge for me, as I tease you with my sumptuous curves. I laugh at your small dick, which is inadequate in every way. I would never fuck you. If for some reason I decided to date you, I would definitely be fucking other guys on the side. Your small cock could never satisfy me.
As we work our way through this steamy, sensual JOI, I decide to let you give you a short cum countdown leading up to a self facial. I am going to make you shoot your load all over your own face, and then eat it all up for goddess!
I use the name "Daniel" at the beginning of the video.

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