Lindsey Leigh - Loss of Financial Virginity - Femdom POv

Added: 29-09-2021

CUSTOM REQUEST: Can you make a interactive clip of about 10 minutes in which i loss my virginity by tribute you for the first time and become your slave for the rest of my life.
"So the time has come for you to finally take the plunge. To become my slave, to do anything i ask you to do, to obey me, to worship me, to serve me, to tribute me, every thing thats make me happy.You finally have the fully focus only on me. You 're ready to devote all your time and money to serving me.The only pupose in life from now on is to make me happy and see me smile".I want you to make your first tribute in this clip, I want to take your financial slavery virginity. I want you to feel how good it makes you feel when you spend on me, to be owned by me, to obey me.From now on you follow my twitter every day and see what you can do for me. Buy all my clips, be a member of my website for life (and everything you add yet).You only purpose in life is to serve me and I am going to tell you exactly what is expected of an obedient sub of mine. I will explain how your life will alter and of course how great this will make you feel.Good boy! That will be the first of many tributes, prepare to become completely addicted. Stuck in a viscous cycle of paying and obsession and there will be nothing you can do about it.You'll obey me, you'll beg to pay me. You'll never feel like before but it's worth to take the first step",If i have tribute you, you will give me a slavename or slavenumber. From now on i will only contact you with that name and obey you when you call me with that name.Please a lot of close-up of your attractive face and devine ass.I hope you can make this clip because I am ready and have the time now to serve you completely and daily.

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