Eva de Vil - Milking Day - Cbt Fantasy

Added: 30-09-2021

(Custom, no name) I keep you as my chastity slave, only released to be edged. I've taken away your orgasms so that you focus solely on my pleasure. You must lick my legs, feet, shoes and pussy. Keeping you denied makes you very eager to please.
I milk you once a week with a ruined orgasm in your cage. Today is milking day.

You're kneeling, naked. I handcuff your hands between your back so there's nothing you can do but squirm as I begin to use a vibrator on your balls and cage. It feels so tight as you shake, inches away from the key dangling in my cleavage.

I remind you not to get your hopes up. We both know how this will end for you. When you start to cum, I pull the vibrator away, smiling sadistically as you drip onto the floor.

You must be punished for the mess you made. I grab a crop and start harshly spanking your thighs and balls.

Then I order you to start eating my pussy. It's heaven and Torment as the ruined orgasm has you feeling extremely sensitive, yet you have to concentrate all your effort and attention on my mounting pleasure.

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