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Added: 31-12-2021

As my husband and submissive cuckold, you're going to have to obey my commandments going forward.
Aren't you lucky? You got to marry your dream Goddess, Sydney. You've proved that your devotion and submission to her are second to none. Your life completely revolves around her and you both know it. You also know that you're just a cuckold for her. Unlike real men of course, there are several rules for cucks.
Now that you're married, Sydney doesn't want to let you think anything will be different in your marriage. No, in fact she has prepared ten commandments for you to learn, which will guide your life together. So make sure you pay attention, because breaking any of these commandments will result in severe penalties!
Make sure you listen closely as she lays down the law for you, and memorize every single one. It's going to be difficult (for you) of course, but if you know what's good for you you will follow along and be a good cuckold submissive hubby for her, and let this be a guide for the rest of your lives together!

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