Princess Mackayla - Step Mommy Takes Over

Added: 07-01-2022

I know I am your new step-mother and this must be very confusing for you but I want to clear the air. When your D hired Me as your M's trainer, I never expected to be in this position. I tried to get her to work out harder by telling her that someone would snatch her husband up. I even started flirting with him to try and motivate her but nothing seemed to work. For her at least. Honestly I don't buy that she was surprised when she saw Me fucking her husband. I warned her something like this would happen. Now I'm here and she is broke and out on the streets. I get that that makes Me seem like the bad guy but I know you have other feelings for Me as well. you sit your loser ass at home and stare at Me and your D together. Jealous that he gets to touch Me. Envious of his big dick and wallet attracting someone as hot as Me and this has caused too much tension. I think it's time to release some of that... Tension. But you will do it My way. I am your step-mommy now and you must obey. Even though I'm going to turn you into a total bitch for Me. I run this house now. So stroke it for Me My little cucky step-son. And I have a special idea for you cleaning up that mess you'll be making.

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