Princess Cherry - FAP IT LOSER - Masturbation instruction

Added: 10-01-2022

omg, so fucking weak huh.. Just the preview has your tiny boner erected.. I mean wait is it?? hahaha that's sad. How do you fap that thing? Must be such a challenge... show me how you fap it LOL. You use two fingers only I bet. Pull it out and let Me see how fucking humiliating this it...
Omg FAP FAP FAP. You probably make such ugly faces, eyes rolling to the back of your head. Such a weak fucking loser. Could NEVER satisfy a real woman with that tiny thing. You'd never even be able to handle a real woman. You're probably a two second man LOL you're literally the worst possible scenario ever... your tiny cock, tiny cummies, UGLY faces lol.
This is why your My little loser fapper ! So go on... Make your ugly faces, omg omg omg. My voice makes you want to cum? LOL go on... Cum loser LOL I hope My laughing ruins your little cummies orgasm hahaha soo pathetic !!
That sucked, didn't it? It looked horribly painful just to watch. you simply don't deserve pleasure, only humiliation.

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