Goddess Evelyn - Sissy Maid Audition

Added: 16-01-2022

You're interviewing to be My house maid via cam. After a very brief rundown of the job, I tell you that I won't be paying you. Your "payment" will be monthly cuckolding sessions, and possibly clean up duty if you impress Me. Since I don't want you staining My house, I'm going to teach you to have a dry orgasm. First, I have you put a condom on the head of your penis. I tell you exactly how I want you to touch yourself for Me. After a little teasing I allow you two orgasms to My naked boobs. I make you keep the condom on. I then get up and model My leggings for you, before taking them off, leaving only My G-string. I tease you with My body, and once more allow you an orgasm. I tell you that if you do a really good job you'll get a bonus once a year. I go to My closet and pull out a strap on. I put it on in front of you and make you stroke for it, begging for My cock. I tell you to take the condom off, empty it into your mouth, and put the condom on two-three fingers. I make you finger your ass for Me, as you jerk off furiously. Finally, I tell you it's time for your dry orgasm. I give you one last countdown, and you cum hard. I tell you that you got the job, and to be here tomorrow.

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