Humiliation POV - Miss Tiffany - Ass Addict Or Foot Boy - A Gooner’s Dilemma

Added: 20-01-2022

Miss Tiffany!
I know that you absolutely love me in yoga pants. My ass looks so fucking good in them. But I know you also love my feet, my perfect feet that are worshipped by men everywhere. My feet are simply irresistible. But you my little slave, are only allowed to pick one to worship. I know you hate choosing and really it's just unfair of me to make you pick just one. LOL. But you have to, my weak slave boy. So is it going to be my perfect ass in these tight yoga pants? Just look at it, look at how perfect it is. I know you're drooling, I know you're jerking to it, it'll be so hard not to pick my ass, won't it? LOL! I know how weak you get for my ass.
But then you have my feet lol. And not just my feet, but you get to see my feet right next to my ass. I'll bet you don't know where to look right now lol! My ass and my feet on your screen at the same time! It's really too much for you to handle lol. My ass is right there but so are my cute little toes and my wrinkled soles, my feet look absolutely delicious. I know you'd love to taste them after I workout in this yoga outfit. I'll bet you'd love to lick them and kiss them and worship them, just beneath my ass lol.
Your brain is so confused right now, you don't know where to look, but you can't stop jerking. Getting dumber and dumber, making it harder and harder for you to decide lol. But before you decide, let me show you my ass again. Let me bring it closer to you so you can get a better look lol. I want you to really admire my perfect ass. Look at how fucking sexy it is. Stare at it and tell me you'll be a good boy for my ass. I know you worship it. You're completely obsessed with my ass. Beg for more of my ass loser. Show me how weak you are for my ass. Just a minute ago you were so weak for my feet, and now it's my ass. Have you made your decision yet? LOL!
Now let me take my ass away so you can just focus on my feet. Focus on the soles of my feet. Look at how easily I turned you back into a foot boy. It happened instantaneously. Just like that you are a slave to my feet. A worthless fucking slave to my feet. How pathetic lol! But you love being pathetic for me, don't you? Just look at how yummy my feet look. Tell me how bad you want my perfect feet, idiot. So which one have you chosen, is it my ass or my feet?
I know you love gooning to my ass and my feet, but not this time, you may only choose one. And to make it a little harder, let me pull down my yoga pants a bit and show you my bare ass lol. You're so fucked now, aren't you? LOL! Fuck it looks amazing. My perfect ass sitting on my perfect feet. Now the decision is super hard, and so are you lol! So which one is it, loser? I don't really care, either way I know I just made you so weak for me and I love fucking with you.

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