AstroDomina - OutCum In Question

Added: 27-01-2022

The Princess is in front of you, wearing yoga pants - your favorite! It makes Her ass look so good. You are still locked up watching Her, while She teases, torments and humiliates. She wants to play a game. Intriguing. Will She give you the option to have an orgasm, will She make you eat your own cum, will She allow you to cum for Her ass, or make you wait until She gives you permission to cum for Her ass like a good boy? She gets you super hard in the chastity, it's been months since your last normal orgasm, She makes you tell Her how badly you need to be let out and cum for Her ass. You begin to beg to be let out of chastity, while She teases you. She finally agrees to let you out and jerk off to Her ass. She edges you, teases you all the way. Your balls are aching all the time for Her. Her ass fills your every thought, and as you begin to beg She tells you that maybe you are so horny She could make you do whatever She wants. Are you ready for all the possible endings to this scenario? Chastity, a denied again orgasm, a ruined orgasm, or maybe a CEI orgasm? What will Her final decision be?

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